Birthday Week starts here

Last week was all about the nerdage. I had some serious hardcore nerd chat for 4 days straight. I got to play some games, sell lots of stuff and meet loads of people. A pretty good end to the week really.

This week is all about the birthday. And restocking the shelves. On Saturday the 5th of October (this weekend in fact) we’ll be 15 years old. I’ll be here all day and I’m looking forward to it. Then we’re having a birthday party on the last Sunday of October (the 27th) in the Victoria Park Hotel. There’s still a lot to confirm and arrange but I’m hoping it will be as much fun as out 10th birthday party was! Also, 15 cakes. Even if I have to bake them myself…


Anyway, to start things off and help celebrate the fact that we’re older than some of our customers and certainly than most of the game lines we sell, we’ll be giving anyone who comes in and wishes us a Happy Birthday this week a 10% discount on their purchase! 

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