36 hours to go, updates and photo's

It’s crazy to think that in a hours from now, we’ll be starting the Birthday Party. So here’s a line-up of what we’ve got planned so far:

Gifts and presents through the day!

Age of Rebellion RPG demo run by Chris Nutt. Sign up on the day for your chance to experience this awesome rpg and do your part for the Rebellion.

A Light ‘Mech Royal Rumble – how long can you last in this iron man match of early mech carnage

Edge of the Empire RPG demo by Chris Nutt. Possibly involving a veritable hive of scum and villainy. Registration on the day from 11am.

At 10 feet long by nearly 5 feet wide we bring you our version of the Death Star Trench Run for X-Wing. A huge trench to run and a big pile of ships to run it with. Bring your own models along if you’ve got them as everything is playable or borrow some from our selecton on the day

Free Magic events all day, everything you need to play is provided by us. All you have to do is turn up and have fun. I packed a load of the boosters today and there’s some all foil boosters, some hidden promo’s and a selection of rares in there. There’s also a couple of packs of Unhinged cards for the brave and bold…

Alpha Strike: Rules, mechs, sheets and terrain available. I’ve not played it yet but I hope to fit in a game this weekend and having read the rules it shouldn’t take too long to do that either. Battletechs fast play rules do indeed apparently play fast.

Party Bags of goodies for children

15 whole Birthday Cakes to be enjoyed and consumed through the afternoon

Pass the Parcel for both the young and the less young

Dice & Spoon Race

Random Prizes throughout the day

Battletech for both beginners and veterans.

Loads of board and card games to play. Just grab a game, some players and a table.

Star Wars Galactic Battle electronic Battleships! With sounds! The Queen’s Gambit & various other Star Wars related games

Shadowrun Heroclix – Shadowrun does Action Man with clicky bases and interchangeable parts

A big tub of Lego, with Lego building competitions and prizes too. Build your own minifigure from what’s in the box. Construct a thing. Add to the Star Wars Trench Run Scenery. There are loads of bits and I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up over the course of the day.

Kids corner with 15 cuddly lions, a travel cot and activities including boardgames, play-doh, crafts and more. This area is unsupervised though so please don’t leave your children unattended at any time.

Carcassone: The grudge match at 5! I’m really looking forward to this game as the last time I played Paul was 5 years ago at the tenth birthday party and it was a very close run thing.


Warmachine: bring your own event: I’ve built a 3 foot square terrain board for playing Grind on as well as a 'Jack wrestling ring in the past. I don't have the rules for Grind but I have the terrain waiting to be put to the test and a grind ball still in the blister pack to play on it.
Jack Wrestling is really simple. You get 1 caster and 1 heavy jack. The caster in theory has to stay in their corner and the jack should in theory stay in the ring. It's a wrestling match though so you never know what might happen.
Bring your models and play like you've got a pair!

Lego Minifigures swap table. A selection of my figures to swap and trade and space to trade amongst yourselves. Trading only please though and on a one for one basis. No buying or selling please.

Derek’s Zombie Horde… of games… (Unconfirmed)

And it’s all free! Even the 15 cakes. That’s a whole lot of free cake to eat…


If that wasn’t enough to tempt you then here’s some photo’s of some of what we’re bringing:

this last one is some of what I got packed up today. 6 boxes of things, a pile of wood and mdf that shall soon become a Death Star Trench and more to go tomorrow...


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