The Mid-Week Birthday Party Update.

The party is almost upon us and here are some things we’ve confirmed so far:

Firstly: We’re child friendly! Well some of us are, and we hope the event will be too. See below for more details.

Secondly: Everythings free! All of it. We aren’t charging a penny for any of it. Not even for the cake. Not for the Magic events, the tables, the chairs, no entry fees, not stock to buy, no product there to sell. It’s our birthday and we want to celebrate, have fun and not be bothered about money for a day. We’re even closing the shop. The bar sadly is not free, though it is quite reasonably priced.

As for what’s happening this is a taste of what we’re planning:

Battletech: My ‘Mech mangling buddy Harlan will be joining us for the day to run a table with as much Battletech as we can fit on it. Well maybe not quite that much as the table is huge but quite a lot. We’ll have all our map sheets, old ’Mech sheets, new ’Mech sheets, old models and new rulebooks, including Alpha Strike so if you’ve been tempted before but couldn’t make it on a Tuesday then you should give it a bash. There will be a beginners game of light ’Mech Royal Rumble carnage as well as some bigger scenarios for the more intrepid of you.

Lego Swap Table: I’ve recently started collecting Lego Minifigs and like all collectors I have lots of copies of some and none of too many. Our in-house Lego expert Oliver will be on hand to help and we’ll be running a table for anyone and everyone to bring their swaps. All trades will be on a one for one basis to keep things simple and fun and we trust that people will be fair and honest.

Star Wars Pocket Model TCG: In a similar vein to Pirates of the Spanish Main, this is a blast from the past that turned up while I was clearing some of my boxes in that attic at home. Not content with a 10 foot long Death Star trench, I also have a tin full of these models, cards and even some rulebooks to tempt you with.

Kids are welcome and we even have stuff for them to do: While not every game is suited to those of a younger disposition and while we also may not always cater directly to their toy and game related needs we do appreciate it’s good to be able to bring them along and make them a part of it all too. There will be a box full of Lions to play with, pass the parcel and other party games through the day, a big tub of Lego to build with, some children’s board games from the old to the new, a travel cot for when its needed and other goodies. As always though, you should supervise your own children at all times.

Magic the Gathering: We’re running fun casual drafts and sealed deck tournaments all day, with events using a variety of our own specially created magic boosters. Not just our previously seen pauper packs and princely draft packs will be involved but we will also have new all foil booster packs. These will be randomly inserted into each pods selection of product and if you promise to play and have fun, we’ll promise to be more generous with the foils. There will also be a free Theros booster draft in the afternoon. Everyone who plays til the end of any fun event will be entered into a draw for one of the 8 places no matter where they rank in that event. Multiple events means multiple entries in the draw too. Registration for the first events opens at 11 on the day and we will not be taking pre-registrations. Pods of 8 will start as soon as they are full and events will run all day.

Star Wars RPG Demo’s: One of our regulars Chris Nutt will be running 2 demo games during the birthday. One game of Edge of Empire RPG and one of the new Age of Rebellion Beta by Fantasy Flight Games. Given how well these have both been received and Chris’s obvious enthusiasm for them, it’s worth grabbing a change to give one or both of them a bash. Registration on the day.

The Games Collection and Demo Games: We’ll be bringing along a choice selection from our demo games and I’ll also be bring the best and some of the more unique games from my collection. Some of what we’ll have there includes Settlers (obviously), 7 Wonders, Pandemic, Guillotine, Star Trek: Attack Wing, History of the World, Buntu Circus, Diplomacy (maybe not, its supposed to be a happy event) Antler Island, Snow Tails, Apples to Apples, Cash n Guns, the Battletech Trading Card Game and many more. Expect updates to the list as I pack on Saturday.

15 Cakes: So far I have 11 confirmed cakes. I hope to hear back about 2 more tomorrow. If you’d like to volunteer to bake a cake for us and save everyone from having to eat something I make then drop the shop and email. There will be rewards too. You don’t want to eat my cake. I can’t bake.

Star Wars X-Wing: a 10 foot trench. The wood arrived today and construction will begin on Friday. At ten feet long and almost 5 feet wide, this will be an awesome spectacle to see if nothing else. We’ll have all our mini’s along and we’re even going to open some more up for the day. Bring your own figures down or if you don’t have any borrow a few of ours. Rules for the scenario and trench run will be posted up when I finish writing them but it will be playable by people of all skill levels and this event will run all day.

Carcassonne: The grudge match at 5! There’s a story behind it but at 5 o’clock (all going to plan) Paul and I will need the Carcassonne set from the Demo games. We have a score to settle.

Pass the parcel: It was such a success at our 10th birthday party that we thought we’d have games of pass the parcel with prizes more catered to our older customers too.


Presents, prizes and random give-aways all day: 15 years is a long time to accumulate stuff and I’ve always had the luxury of a very large basement to use for storage. All day long there will be random prizes, freebies and presents comprising some of the good, the bad and the truly unique from the last 15 years, so even if you don’t come and play in an event you never know what you might walk away with.

Doors open on Sunday at 11am at the Victoria Park Hotel on Ferry Road on Sunday and will run until the evening and we hope to see you there.

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