A week of lego and a death star trench

Just look at it. This is only some of it. There will be more if its needed…


This week I’ll be building the parts for our big birthday Star Wars X-Wing game. The frame and actual trench are no problem. The scenery is though. That’s 40 square feet of play space just for the sides of the trench… So Lego comes to the rescue once again :D

 Fancy helping contribute to the big game but not going to make it? Love Lego but don’t get an excuse to play with it very often? Do you just feel like playing with someone else’s bits for a change? Whatever the reason, this week is a grand excuse to indulge your building whims as we try to make enough gun turrets, radar dishes and anything else we can think of to fill the boards with. I’ve loved lego since I got my first set when I was about 3 and I’m constantly amazed by how many of my customers love it, had it and don’t anymore so I’m looking forward to indulging myself in lego for a week and I hope some of you will join me.

There will also be prizes awarded for the best pieces built in the shop this week :D


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