Woooo! 15 years today!

I'd say I remember it well but it was 15 years ago and some bits are getting a bit hazy...

Firstly though, thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible through the last 15 years and to all the friends I've made. I've worked in all kinds of jobs in the past and running a games shop, while never easy, is always rewarding in a way that few other jobs are, so thank you everyone.

In case you don't know, we opened in the basement of Flip Inc. on South Bridge. We had 2 sets of shelves with about 20 books and a couple of boxes of doomtown. I think we even had some dice left over after Shevy bought her lot for Shadowrun. That was third edition. That was also a long time ago in a basement that seems so far far away these days.

Anyway, rather than reminisce here all day, I'd rather you came down to the shop, said hello and reminisced with me or just enjoy the chat. I'll be here til 6ish today There will hopefully be cake at some point, lego minifigs for the kids, random prizes, freebies and to incentivise you even more if you're still not sure, we're having a 15% in-store discount all day today. Wooo! Birthday discounts for all!

You could also say hello to our newest Lion, Schwarz-Noir P.I. who I should have mentioned a while ago but I'm very bad at the internet. Thats why I don't do facebook, as I'm sure some of you are aware. Anyway, with many thanks, he was added to the pride by Chris and Roz Furness with more than a little constructive advice from little Sakura :) Crocheted, stuffed and stitched together by their own hand, he has taken pride of place by the till. You may have seen him. Email me at the shop with the story of why he now has the grey streak in his hair and the best one I receive before 15:15 on the 15th of October wins a 15% discount voucher and a special prize pack...Schwarz-Noir P.I.

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