Where did all the time go...

Well it’s been a hectic 3 weeks with Conpulsion, the start of our birthday celebrations and a whole load of events already run. So here’s a quick update of everything that’s happened so far…


Conpulsion has been and gone but it was awesome while it happened. It was a fantastic weekend for everyone I talked to so I mark that one up as an awesome success! Thanks to Phil, Gregor, Tara, Pretty-Little-Girl-With-The-Glasses and everyone else who made it such a good weekend. Thanks also to all the Gophers who helped shuttle our stock, racks, bookcases, lions and everything else around and to Adrian for helping shuttle my own helpers around. We took over 1 whole corner of the Traders Hall and Stuart, Steve and Sara did an awesome job helping make it as good as it was. We took 3 bookcases a whole pile of our wire racks and had a huge table too. We also had the wall of photo’s  for the convention. In all we had 6 notice boards full of photo’s on a frame that was built on the day for the event. Thanks again go to Sara for helping make it happen and for hiding the lions for our photo event on the Sunday. Our collection of stuffed-toy Lions had escaped and hidden themselves round the building you see… I did my first ever video interview which was different but Fi and the rest of the Screen-Shaped Eyes crew made it easy, fun and painless. Just ask Sara, they interviewed her too and you can find the links below.

Then there were our Magic events over the weekend. Our Full Moon Friday event filled up quickly as did our Saturday evening Pre-Release. Sunday’s have always been our big Pre-Release day though and this time was no exception with 62 players turning out at the Victoria Park Hotel.

Breakfast and Backgammon’s first run turned into Breakfast and Battletech but Ben and I had an awesome game and next time I should maybe try the death from above in the last turn… Can’t wait til next time.

D&D Encounters has been temporarily put on hold though I may have now found a replacement GM. As a replacement, we’ve been holding a Netrunner game night which seems to have gone down well and will almost certainly continue.

News of our Thursday nights casual Magic is slowly spreading but it was good to see some familiar faces at the first one.

The most important update though is the change in price for a bunch of our events! All of our Sunday Boardgame Days (7 Wonders, Dominion, Zombies etc) as well as our July Learn & Play events are now free! I’m also looking at ways of making more of our events free or reducing the prices so keep an eye here and on our facebook.




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