A Conpulsion to Gutenberg

Lots is happening and lots more has happened. Conpulsion is on the doorstep and as always its a mad rush to get it all finished in time. Here's my list of thoughts on whats been done, whats being done and whats still to be done.

Designing posters while learning Photoshop for the first time has proven to be a challenge but ultimately rewarding. I went to Edinburgh Copyshop this afternoon, expecting to drop off my files and pick the stuff up tomorrow but they whizzed through the whole process and the only thing I have to go back and collect are our new business cards tomorrow.


We’ve got 110 A3 full colour double sided event posters done, one for each manila envelope and the rest for us to use round the shop etc.

250 extra black and white ones for those who don’t get an envelope.

Black and white lion sheets. Wait and see and take part too…

Stuart scanned and then Steve edited our old photos so we also got them printed out for the return of the Wall of Photos. Now all I need to do is work out how I’m going to display them all before we set up on Saturday morning…

I’ve worked out how we’re setting up the stall (no more tables and white boxes for us) but still not remembered where the parts are for building the bookcases. If it works, the stall will look awesome though.

The contents of the manila envelopes have been finalised though some of them haven’t been made yet. Most of what has been now needs folded and stuffed. In secret. Before we open on Saturday.

My Conpulsion Charity auction donations are ready to go. So far these are the easiest things I have had to come up with and do. I suspect that finishing the project will be when it gets complicated.

All 15 lions have been named and I’ll post them all up tomorrow with their name tags. For now though I’d like to announce an extra winner in our name a lion competition on Facebook. Emanuele Podio’s suggestion of Gutenberg was one of my favourites and we have bestowed that name on one of my family’s favourite little lions. Many thanks to those who took part in the competition.

I wanted a pride of 15 lions for the shop and I got exactly that. That makes me really happy in an odd sort of way. William also acquired a pirate monkey which is so full of win and made of awesome he nearly burst with excitement when he found it. And the shop acquired a battered old backgammon set which came with a story of how I found it and got it and all the best games are ones that have been loved and bashed through play.

I placed our restock order today too, not that most of what I wanted was in print or available. Again.

I have still to make the event adverts for the racks and the signage for the stall but I have a whole 24 more hours to get that done.

Pauper booster are being packed and may even have been finished in time. Wraps printed and cut. Awesome-sauce.

My collection of obscure little games has also increased, which can only ever be a good thing.

I ordered a leather villains chair for the shop too. It will be going to the Convention. I may even acquire a white stuffed toy cat for the proceedings…

Oliver and Harvey (who will both also be at the convention) have been helping me with loads more artwork that you’ll get to see over the coming weeks. Lots of inspiration for our upcoming competition schedule. We have also watched some brilliant and classic movies too. And Predator. And D&D 3.

I still have to finish part of the envelope contents but I think I’ve got enough to get started. 5 pages of notes should do it. For tonight.

Tomorrow should be fun.

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