I've been gaming for a dozen or so years now. My interest grew out of historical recreation, which grew out of laser tag. One day some friends suggested trying out this D&D thing, which had just released a 3rd edition. We hiked down to Hobart's gaming store, fought through the Warhammer stuff, and emerged with our first shiny new RPG books.

From that point, I never looked back.

My introduction to board games, beyond things like monopoly, was with such lightweight games as Kingmaker, Dune, and Star Fleet Battles.

I now play pretty much whatever is going, although I still have a preference for the more 'crunchy' RPGs over the more abstract games. In Board games I enjoy almost anything with interaction. Game of Thrones is a favourite, as is Carcassone.

Along with gaming, I can also be found swing dancing the night away. Or the afternoon. Or whenever. Mornings are usually out though.

My favourite RPG system is Gurps (especially with me in charge, to slim it down)
My favourite boardgame is... um, err.. Do I have to pick one?

There are only two 'Alien' films.


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